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Losing Control of Your Customer Deposits?

Tracking and allocating customer deposits / prepayments can be downright confusing. Beacon can help you with that.

Common Issues For Customer Deposits & Prepayments

Beacon Automates Your Deposit Tracking and Allocations

Easily tracks and allocate deposits for your customers

Allocate deposits within invoices. 

Step 1

Individually tracks and records deposits from customers

Step 2

Easily define deposit allocation date

Step 3

Allocate multi deposits for one invoice 

Step 4

Allocate one deposit to many invoices

Step 1

Hold deposits for future allocation

Step 2

Split one deposits into multiple deposits

Step 3

Automatic updates accounting entry after deposit allocation

Step 4

Stop wasting time with deposits. Record it and allocate later.

Beacon Cloud will manage your customer deposits automatically for you. All accounting entries are automated. No nasty accounting knowledge needed.

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