Payment Voucher is an integral part of Malaysian business and accounting culture. It is imperative that a payment voucher is created for each payment issued.

It is a document to proof payment has been made to a specific party or supplier for a specific invoice. Furthermore, this will assist auditors during audit period to determine the payment history and correctness of information.

Payment voucher information includes the following:


  1. Date of issue
  2. Amount paid
  3. Name of supplier/party paid to
  4. Invoice number that was paid
  5. Person authorising payment  (Signature)
  6. Person receiving the payment  (Signature/Company Chop)

By having a proper payment voucher system for payments going out of the business, it reduces the friction and queries from auditors during year end.


Beacon Cloud Accounting has a one click payment voucher system when recording a payment for a supplier invoice. Now payment voucher can issued and reconciled/recorded accurately to each supplier invoice easily.


Check out our tutorial on how to issue a payment voucher from supplier invoice in Beacon.

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