Why issuing a DO is important for businesses dealing with goods?
A DO (Delivery Order) is a document to show whether goods dispatch out were delivered and accepted by customers. A DO will include various details such as description of goods, quantity, purchase order reference and date included as well. Having a DO also allows customer to check the goods delivered and retain a signed copy to confirm acceptance of delivery.
It will be proof between seller and buyer that goods are delivered as per order and accepted in good condition to avoid discrepancies during payment. Malaysian companies are recommended to issue a DO when shipping out goods to avoid disputes and discrepancies during audit.
Information contained within the DO may vary between businesses. They commonly include the following details:
  • Name & address of receiving company
  • Name/IC Number/Signature of person receiving on behalf
  • Company Chop
  • Description
  • Quantity delivered
With the delivery note signed and check by both parties, the receiver will not be able to dispute that delivery was not received or delivered goods does not match.
To meet a variety of business type, Beacon Cloud Accounting offers a flexible DO issuance with customisable templates to suit all types of requirements. Business can create DO for orders with just 1 Click using Beacon.
Check out our tutorial video on how Beacon can help make issuing DO a breeze.

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