There are many reviews on which software is better than the other. There is no perfect “one size fit all” software. Each one has its own unique functions and specialty. Ultimately, it is up to you as the user to try out and see which one fits your needs.

Do bear in mind that while a software fits your needs now, it may not fit your future expansion needs.

I’ve tested a few software and it fits my current needs, how do I pick ?

If you haven’t tested Beacon by now, give it a try first. If you have and you find that it also fits your needs, Beacon Cloud is your preferred choice.

Why Beacon Cloud and not others ?

It’s simple, if all softwares fit your current needs you’re probably starting a new business and requirements are minimal. You’d want to avoid having to pay for an expensive migration later on when your business expands. Beacon Cloud is catered for established and matured SMEs, not just micro SME or small businesses.

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