Embarking on a new business venture is no easy task. It is often said that 50% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. You may be thinking that you’re the special one that survives it. You have a solid business plan, a sales and marketing strategy, or even some capital to start with…the one thing that most failed businesses have in common is “Not having a good software to manage their business”.

Most entrepreneurs start by prioritizing sales and leave the administrative tasks until it becomes absolutely necessary. Use Ms Excel / Word to issue invoices, as your client base increases you find that the invoices are very disorganized with no way to track which customer has paid or not. Soon after you realize that you need to factor in your purchases / expenses / claims. It all piles up, leaving you frustrated, you then resort to dump everything into a box and get an accountant to sort it out for you. You then realize that the accountant is expensive and complain that he/she is overcharging. All of these can be avoided if you start properly with Beacon Cloud Accounting. license is costly! I have just started, I can’t afford it.

We understand every entrepreneur’s pain. We agree that a full featured software license package can cost you RM 5,000 – RM10,000 (per PC). That is why most entrepreneurs choose to delay until it is necessary.

BUT Fret Not! Beacon Cloud Accounting only costs you as low as RM 600 per year with full features! 

(psst….its unlimited PCs and Users too!)

…just in case you’re thinking to expand your team

it contains Accounting, Inventory, HR / Payroll, Production

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