Cloud Accounting softwares are each unique on its own. You may find that QuickBooks and Xero offer similar functions and Wave is very limited (albeit its irritatingly slow loading speed).

If you’ve heard of Xero and QuickBooks, you’d be wondering how Beacon Cloud is different from them. Let’s start with the fact that Beacon Cloud Accounting is full featured and a combined Accounting / Payroll / Inventory / Production suite into one. Besides that, its functions are very much suited to Asian businesses.

Why does my accountant insist on Xero / QuickBooks Online then ?

In simple terms, there was no options back then and those were the only choices. If you haven’t realized it yet, no established SMEs can use Xero or QuickBooks because it simply doesn’t follow the way businesses operate in Malaysia (or Asia). It may work for you now if you’re starting up new, when it comes to expanding your business you will experience a costly process to migrate your data into another accounting software.

It is recommended to start with the right tools.

*if your accountant is not trained to use Beacon Cloud Accounting yet, please insist that he get in touch with us to be trained.

My Accountant says he is trained in SQL / AutoCount. Should I use that instead ?

Many SMEs are moving out from offline software into cloud, modernizing and reducing costs. Offline software costs thousands and its license is limited to one PC. Cloud software has one fixed price no matter how many PC / users you have.


You walk into a theme park, which package would you take ?

Pay RM 2,000 for each and every ride


Pay RM 1,200 and enjoy all rides for free

**If you’ve picked the second option, Beacon Cloud is your choice.

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